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  • Galaxy Rose

  • Enchanted Rose for your Enchanted Love Story

Galaxy Rose

Enchanted Rose for your Enchanted Love Story
galaxy rose. the galaxy rose

Give Every Story a Forever Happy Ending with Galaxy Forever Rose

Your love is never dying, then why should your rose?

How do we make Galaxy Rose?

How do we make Galaxy Rose look like a real rose?

Love, art, and skills unite to make this beautiful flower. First, we collect the most beautiful roses from our gardens. Then, we use a specialized process to freeze real roses. Our experts then use the frozen petals as molds to make thousands of enchanted roses.
Galaxy rose, therefore, it doesn't just look real but lasts forever!

How do we make Galaxy Rose look magnificent?

Sparks are a part of every love story. Next, we coat the flowers in 24k Gold Foil. The holographic coating gives the roses a striking look!
Therefore, our Galaxy roses look like enchanted roses.

Last for eternity

Each galaxy rose is made to last forever! That's why, we use only the best, high-quality materials. Our professional team picks each item with care and then handcrafts the roses with absolute precision.


There are so many sellers selling galaxy rose online. How do you know which one is authentic?

Well, with us… you will always get…

Best quality—we never compromise on our materials. Your galaxy rose will always be made of the same premium quality materials.

Expert manufacturing—we hire the best manufacturers. No matter what, precision is our guarantee.

Holographic coating—cheap glitter coating comes off and loses shine after some time. We use the 24k gold coating only. No fake shine or glitter used.

Packaging—your item is very valuable to you, and it is our responsibility that you get it perfect. Therefore, we make sure each enchanted rose is packed will care.

Easy returns—don’t like it? No problem! Contact us for our hassle-free returns.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed—our quality is our confidence! Therefore, we offer a 100% guarantee for your satisfaction.

Buy one, Buy a dozen

The more, the better. If you want to give a single rose as a gift…

Our package will arrive as an individual gift box with a silk-wrapped 24k gold galaxy rose.

But if you need more… you can order as many as you like…

Hurry before we run out!

Make a beautiful bouquet of enchanted roses that will stay with her forever!

The number doesn't matter but most people order 3 or 6 or 12 to make a small bouquet of forever rose.

Contact us and order your galaxy rose today!!

We are already running out!

galaxy rose. the galaxy rose

Make every gift more precious